Everything has started with the discovery of America in 1492 by Colombus. Unfortunately, the journey which was started in the name of the God, was lied down a way that destroyed a nation. This nation was called as Indians. Yes, the “wild” Indians which was introduced to us as murderers by Western movies in our childhood on the contrary of the diary of Columbus was said us.

History consists of designed events. Perhaps, the concrete example to this is what happened to the Indians. Throughout history, it should be very hard to meet another nation with such a bad destiny. Their land had been taken, beliefs had been changed by force and when they revolt to all of these actions they had been called as “savages” and destroyed.

Which one do you think is the wildest? Indians, whom praise to sun and moon, listen to soil, birds and the trees and perceive the world with all of them or “the white man” who destroyed a nation just for land.