About Us

Kadiköy district of Istanbul is full of surprises. Caferağa, one of its neighborhoods, is a secret place where folks stroll down the streets to find antiques. Each antique store carries a story of its own. As you enter Tellalzade Street, a white three storey villa will grab your attention. Though the building is an old Istanbul house, inside resides an “Indian”, whose perception of life and style will strike you, and you will find yourself drawn to the place of this Indian.

A relaxing music will hit your ears. Then you’ll start looking around the leather and silk outfits, goods that you don’t usually come across elsewhere. Belts, accessories, necklaces all carry Indian traits. Every detail reminds you something of this forgotten culture. The boutique is not only for women, but also men can find a piece or two for themselves. After shopping, you can chill out at the café run by the Indian, Tülin Ertürk. She can tell you about the story behind her works.