Documentary And Festivals

World Culture Festival

As the first theme, Indian, Turcoman and Amazons are selected. The intension is to articulate the common cultural points, help these cultures survive and pinpoint the similarities with the Turkish culture. The aim is to gather the youth from all over the world and organize a cultural and artistic festival.

Artistic and Cultural
1- To show the value of hand made items and long forgotten handicrafts. To revive these arts and provide the artist an income.
2- To collect documents about ancient arts and handicrafts as a gift to the next generations.
3- Combining traditional arts with modern designs in accessories, outfits as well as in decoration.
4- Be a bridge between the new generation designers and traditional artists.
5- Design modern outfits which carry the traits of the Turkish culture.
6- During the festival the main theme will be "peace all over the world, no discriminations what so ever"

The Date 19-22 August 2007

Each year the festival will take place in Ida/Hasan Dağı/Bolu Dağı on the third week of August. These are mountains where history and nature are hand in hand..

Documentary films of different cultures are also a part of the project.